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Time Flight

New Middle Grade Fiction by Susan Syers Stark. A young boy’s curiosity leads him through a magic portal into a land of fantasy and imagination.

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Anthony’s adventure begins after he loses the note. The note that his third-grade teacher Mrs. Quickett wrote to his parents: “I am very concerned with Anthony’s use of time in our classroom. He cannot seem to stay on track. He daydreams. He drifts. He forgets his assignments and rarely finishes his classwork on time.”

The note he folds into a paper airplane and launches from the top of the Boulders. The note that soars away, much like Anthony’s imagination, and disappears through a magic portal into a strange land called The Realm of Inner Time.

Join Anthony as he searches for the lost note with the help of a luminous creature–the Time Fly named Pteros Chronos, and Mr. Exactus Watchit, official Time Keeper of High Time.

What they discover is far more than a paper airplane. Come along! You’re just in time!


Foreword Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

“His mind perpetually drifting where his creativity and optimism take it, distracted dreamer Anthony one day follows a paper airplane into a portal that takes him into another universe. Like Alice in Wonderland, Anthony’s quick-changing adventures and the bizarre creatures he encounters teach him how to find balance between his strengths and weaknesses in order to succeed. His love of big words and books provides a sly message about paying attention in school.”
–Foreword Reviews  (Best Middle Grade Fiction, Winter 2014-15)

“TIME FLIGHT is a welcome counterpoint to what the media and many current books offer children nowadays. It unfolds slowly. It’s deep and rich in images. And it touts the imagination while subtly questioning rigid schedules and hurriedly led lives.” –Susan Luton, review

ISBN 978-0-9914105-5-2
246 PAGES | 5 1/4 x 8
CHILDREN’S Middle Grade Fiction
Grades 3 and up, Ages 8 and up
Published November 2014

Book categories: Fiction-Juvenile

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