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Evan and the Skygoats

by Vanessa Vassar (author) and Ophelia Cornet (illustrator).

After his sister passes away, Evan struggles to understand his own feelings and the sadness that envelops his family. Beautifully imagined and illustrated, Evan’s journey to overcome his loneliness and uncertainty offers a compelling message about the power of the natural world to heal, to reassure, and to affirm our lasting connections to the ones we love.

A wonderful, insightful and heart-warming story to comfort children of all ages.

Based on her own personal experience healing from the loss of her daughter, the author also shares a list of Love Thoughts, useful advice for those grieving and for the family and friends helping them.

PRAISE for Evan and the Skygoats

“A beautiful book allowing people of all ages to have a gentle journey into the power of healing from loss. The book provides an opening for improved family dynamics, open-communication and therapeutic dialogue.”
—Dr. Ted Wiard, LPCC, CGC, Author, Founder and Executive Director of Golden Willow Retreat

“Grief from the point of view of a child is portrayed in its full complexity…In a landscape of children’s literature that mostly shies away from this difficult subject, Evan and the Skygoats takes readers on a journey toward acceptance of tragedy. What a welcome addition to the landscape of children’s literature.”
—Katie Stone, UNM’s The Children’s Hour

After three-year-old Evan’s sister Sky dies, he and his family struggle to cope. As he tenderly navigates his grief, often by seeking her spirit in the sky, a visitor arrives. She brings with her a freshness of spirit and a novel idea: what the family needs is to adopt baby goats. . . . the transition into a work of surreal folklore, via a dreamlike, goat-attended journey to the sky, vivifies the story. Cornet’s appealing mixed-media artwork depicts the ethereal, star-speckled journey as Evan and his goat companions navigate the heavens in search of his sister. Final pages include guided “love thoughts” for both those grieving and those offering their support. A lovely offering for readers seeking additional grief resources. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

ISBN 978-1945652042
48 Pages | 8.5 x 8.5
CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS / Grief & Bereavement
October 21,  2019

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