Crazy Rabbit Review: Julia Goldberg – Creative Nonfiction

Interview with Julia Goldberg and Meg Tuite

Julia Goldberg is a phenomenon both nationally and locally. I walked the streets of Santa Fe and saw her face on the sides of buses. Every writer I know has taken at least one class with Goldberg. Every politician has been interviewed at least twenty times by Goldberg. (Okay, that was a blustering guess with the politicians. It may be closer to a hundred or a thousand. All I know is that she keeps records of all of her exchanges, even from grade school.)  

Goldberg is one of those few teachers who are unforgettable and mesmerizing. Having access to her brilliant, hilarious, and captivating wit and knowledge is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Before she was teaching exclusively at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, she had a multitude of groupies who saw her name in a catalogue and signed up immediately before her classes filled up. I am absolutely sure that her classes at the U of A & D fill up just as quickly, and she is still the Patti Smith of inspiration, experience, and great stories! I am one of those groupies.

Julia, thank you for being our featured writer in Connotation Press for the July issue! Inside Story Everyone’s Guide to Reporting and Writing Creative Nonfiction is that guide to CNF that needs to be in every writer, teacher, and student’s hands. It is engaging, hilarious, informative, incisive, and a necessary blueprint of how to become a stand-out interviewer, essayist, critic, memoirist, and blogger.  >>> Read the rest of the interview at Connotation Press