Publishers Weekly reviews Go West! by Joel Nakamura


Excerpts from the review:
“Not since Horace Greeley has the American West had such a vocal advocate….Nakamura blends fact, fable, and fantasy in a vision that goes well beyond the West being a place where the deer and antelope play. “Go west! Where alarm clocks have legs and feathers,” he writes, hand-drawing the text as a rooster’s crow; nearby, celestial objects dot the dust at the bird’s feet, a campfire coffeepot runs off on two legs, and a hybrid dog/cowboy hat dreams of bacon and eggs…a cowgirl blasts off in her rocket boots—it’s a vibrantly imagined and illustrated tribute to the magic of the West and its wide-open spaces. Ages 3–6.”

Joel Nakamura. Leaf Storm (, $17.95 (32p)
ISBN 978-0-9914105-6-9
Reviewed on: 07/13/2015

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